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We run, you manage!

We operate on a FOCO model (Franchise Owned, Company Operated), where the basic departments such as Employee Recruitment & Management, Facility Maintenance, In-Office Sales, Payment Collection, & Student Operations are managed by the Franchisee.

& the major departments such as Advertising & Marketing, Lead Generation, Level One & Level Two Student Consultancy, Follow-up Sales, Employee Training, Curriculum Design & Notes Structure, Office stationery, Production, Student Engagement, & Student Placements are managed by the Company.

We provide you with a MINIMUM GUARANTEE (MG)

If you do not get your 15 Lakhs (Franchisee amount) ROI within 24 months from your operations (maximum period). Get your 15 Lakhs back with 14% annual interest.

The risk is on us!

Dashboard and App for Franchisee to manage operations

Cloud-based Franchisee Automation Solution - Web and App based. Improves communication between Students and Administration. Keeps both parties updated on notifications, status, and notices. Simplifies tasks and boosts productivity.

All our Systems are managed and automated through Technology

We rely on technology to enhance operations. App for homework, assignments, and notices. E-commerce store for books and stationery. Automated sales system with CRM software. Community engagement for job openings. Franchisee training and resources.

Get your ROI within 8-12 months with a 27% Annual Average Return

The estimated ROI Period is within 8-12 months of your operations. Get a 27% Annual Average Growth Return on your business, more than FDs, Gold, Stock, and Real Estate.

A Dedicated Franchisee Manager for every franchisee

Single Point of Contact
Need Assistance? Need Help? Need to plan a batch? Need Support? Need to discuss anything?
We provide you with a dedicated franchisee manager to help
and assist you at any point in time.


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