Cleancode’s Advance Full Stack QA Testing Course Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Advance Full Stack QA Tester Course FAQs

Yes, You can join this course. We teach you programming from scratch, so even if you don't have any prior subject knowledge, you can still learn and excel in this field. An interesting fact is that 70% of our students are from non-IT backgrounds.

Having a career gap is not a barrier to joining this course, as our curriculum is designed to start from the basics and build up the necessary skills and knowledge. You can confidently enroll in the course regardless of any gaps in your career.

The course is of 6 (six) months, where 4 months is the training period and 2 months is for your project preparation

The daily teaching time will be from 90 mins to 120 mins. However, it depends upon the instructor and the topic. You can even wait after the class and practice along with your classmates or clear your doubts.

Yes. A laptop will help you learn and practice coding faster as you cannot program on your phone. Although if you do not have a laptop, you can share it with your classmate during the course tenure

Well, it depends, however, we suggest students have a basic laptop with a minimum 8gb RAM, i3 or i5 processor, Windows OS, 500gb HDD or SSD (preferred).

Yes. We think that your goals and aspirations are important to us too. That's why we provide you with the option to pay for them in installments through our financial partner.

In the event that we are unable to secure job placements for you within 1 year of your course completion and project submission, we offer a policy for a fee refund. However, this policy is subject to certain conditions, which include fulfilling at least 80% attendance in classes, completing 80% of the projects assigned to you, and participating in 80% of the interviews scheduled by CleanCode.

Yes. We have batches starting as early as 6 am in the morning and as late as 7 pm in the evening. You can select either one depending on your availability and convenience.

No! Our belief is that beginners should begin with in-person classes, as this allows them to gain a clear understanding of the material without any confusion. In addition, being able to ask questions and interact with others facilitates the learning process. Therefore, we only offer offline classes to all students, so that they have the opportunity to attend classes in person.

No. There are no additional software or tools that need to be purchased.

We have a dedicated placement team that will focus on securing job placements for you after you have completed the course. We understand that there are numerous job opportunities in the IT sector for Advance Full Stack QA Tester. However, you need to fulfill our criteria, which include fulfilling at least 80% attendance in classes, completing 80% of the projects assigned to you, and participating in 80% of the interviews scheduled by CleanCode.

Yes. Upon completion of the course, you will be awarded an Advance Full Stack QA Tester Certificate, which will demonstrate your specialized skills. Our certificates are accredited and widely recognized, having received certification from DIPP, Government of India Registration, and ISO.

Yes. Collaborating with fellow students is encouraged, as working and learning together can boost your confidence in programming. However, we even suggest you build a few projects individually that will help you get a strong grip on the subject.

No. You won't get a refund if you drop voluntarily during the course.

Yes. The training center will provide students with handbooks and study materials, which students can use as a reference during their studies

Indeed, you will have ongoing access to the course materials and resources even after the course has ended, as they may prove useful to you in the future.

Before the start of the course, you will be provided with a roadmap of the course, with a weekly structure. However, you can contact your trainer for more details about the roadmap or you can feel free to reach out to our counselor for more details.

No. There are no age restrictions for the course. We strongly believe that learning programming should not be restricted by age and that anyone with an interest in the subject can take this course.

Yes. We always encourage students to work on their own projects during the course, as the practice is key to achieving proficiency and gaining confidence.

Each course will have one to two instructors who will provide you with proper training, and mentor and guide you throughout the duration of the course.

Our instructors are highly qualified with extensive hands-on experience in the Advance Full Stack QA Tester field, which makes them ideal for teaching the Advance Full Stack QA Tester course.

While the definition of success differs from student to student. If you look from a placement point of view, our students have a 90% to 95% success rate, it is important to note that your level of understanding and achievement will also impact your success rate.

Yes. Through our community support, we provide students with mentorship even after the completion of the course.

The scheduling of course batches will be arranged appropriately, But you are free to practice coding at any time that suits you.

While you can reach out to the instructor outside of class time, we recommend that you ask your questions during class so that your fellow students can also benefit from the discussion.

We have an in-house student app to evaluate your progress throughout the course, making it easy to track your development and communicate with the institute.

If you happen to fail any module, you will have the opportunity to retake that section or module. This is because we are committed to helping you become proficient in programming.

For this course, we suggest having a minimum internet speed. Slower the speed, the slower the development. Faster the speed, the faster the development.

No. There are no extra charges/ hidden fees besides the tuition fees for the course.

We advise our students to attend all classes so they don't fall behind in their coursework. However, in case of an emergency and a missed class, we suggest communicating with the instructor to catch up on any missed topics or check with your colleagues for the same.

If you are interested, you have the option to enroll in both courses. However, we suggest you take one course at a time, practice, and then take the next course.

The Advance Full Stack QA Testing course spans 6 months, which means that the current layoffs may offer a different outlook upon course completion. Despite the current climate, there are currently 2.5 lakh job openings within only for Full stack QA testers in India, with a candidate pool of 100 to 300 individuals. Our Advance Full Stack QA testing course is designed in a manner that enables graduates to seek employment opportunities across automation and manual testing.

As a beginner Python is easy to learn than Java. as Python is scalable, can be used with many tools, can also be used in data science and data analytics, and has plenty of job openings in the IT Industry.