Cleancode Associations

Our Proud


Our associate partners play an important role in promoting collaboration, innovation, and progress across various fields and industries.

Google Developer Group

A community of developers who share knowledge, collaborate on projects, and drive innovation in the tech industry.


A global community that provides resources, visibility, and opportunities for women in technology.

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

A leading provider of cloud computing services. We provide our students with access to a powerful set of tools and resources that will help them build robust and scalable web applications.


VidhyaLekha is a New Age Cloud Based Franchisee Automation Solution connecting vital business operation entities namely Students, Franchisees, and Management. A solution that helps to simplify day-to-day tasks and increase productivity.

Bajaj Finserv

India's most diversified non-banking finance company. To provide students with loans for flexible payment options so that they can pay their fees in installments.


A global community that celebrates the power of ideas to change the world. Engage with a diverse network of individuals who are passionate about exploring new ideas and pushing boundaries.