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Our Story

Cleancode's journey, is a story of hope, grit, and perseverance.

The Start

Our founder, Mr. Sarvesh Kakkeri started Cubiccode Digital Media LLP ( ) from a small office in the year 2016 as a core website development and digital marketing firm which not only provides quality and affordable services to clients but also teaches practical concepts about digital marketing.

Cubiccode is highly known for building Build Top Rated Websites and WebApps. Cubiccode got popular by building Websites and Web Apps which not only look good but also drive traffic and sales! With over 500+ Clients in the last 7+ years, it is one of the fastest and consistently growing ITES service companies having expertise in the field of Website Designing, Website Development, Web Apps, Search Engine Optimization, Building and Managing Remote Teams, IT Recruitment and Placements, IT Training, and Upskilling with hundreds of happy clients across the nation.

Due to such an impressive wide portfolio, Cubiccode has been Recognized in the Top 10 web development start-ups of the year 2019 by Silicon India, it also got Awarded the title of Most Outstanding Web Development Company 2019 - Karnataka at AI Global Excellence Awards 2019 and also is recognized in Top 3 Web Designers in Belgaum by BestThreeRated.

The Impact

Looking at the demand for Web development and Digital Marketing Training. Mr. Sarvesh Kakkeri started BIDM, which was the leading Institute for digital marketing courses in Belgaum. He focused on training in the concepts of Digital Marketing from basics to advance level which enhances student’s knowledge of marketing a product or service online successfully. Students are best known to be industry-ready to meet the demands and goals of clients. Our courses were designed for beginners as well as working professionals looking to advance in their careers and also for established individuals & organizations aiming to expand their market reach. Learn from the experts and become an expert. Soon, BIDM trained over 1000+ students in the field of digital marketing only in Belgaum, Mr. Sarvesh Kakkeri was also Awarded as the Best Youngest Digital Marketing Teacher In India 2019 at Indian Education Awards supported by Zee Business and was fortunate to have been given a TEDx talk on "A Modern Day Teacher".

The Pivot

During 2019, we noticed the exponential growth of the IT sector, an increasing number of individuals sought to acquire technical skills to secure rewarding careers in technology. The demand for IT professionals capable of web development and QA testing surged dramatically. Recognizing this opportunity, we embarked on a journey to transform its business model and broaden its horizons.

We underwent a strategic transformation to capitalize on the emerging IT sector. Realizing that we needed to possess the necessary expertise and infrastructure to provide comprehensive IT training, We had to rebrand ourselves as Cubiccode. The new name symbolized our commitment to empowering individuals with coding skills, unlocking their potential to thrive in the IT industry.

Cleancode”, a trademark of Curiosity iTech Private Limited was founded with a mission to provide affordable and accessible technical courses that provide comprehensive, well-structured, and high-quality technical courses, which are designed specifically for beginners who have no previous experience or knowledge in the subject and transform them into professionals in the field.

Our offline courses quickly became popular, thanks to our unique teaching methods and the quality of education we provided. In just a snap of 1 year, we had trained over 500+ students in the field of web development.

The global COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to businesses worldwide, forcing them to adapt and evolve in order to survive. But we did not only survive but thrived during these uncertain times. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, We saw a surge in demand as students looked for reliable and high-quality online education platforms.

However, when the pandemic situation hit India in 2020, we were forced to suspend our in-person training programs, which formed the majority of our income. Instead of giving up, we quickly pivoted to online training programs, using technology to deliver effective training sessions. This journey is a testament to our resilience and determination. The pandemic situation forced us to take a step back and rethink our strategy, and we did so with conviction.

Our success during the pandemic led to us expanding our operations to include offline teaching, as many students and parents missed the traditional classroom experience. The transition to offline teaching was a huge success, and we were able to maintain our quality of education. We saw this as an opportunity to broaden our operations and establish physical training centers in various parts of the country. We have already identified suitable locations to establish our Partner centers to provide offline training to students. As we Aim to Expand by opening 100 Training Centers Across India.

We provide both Online and Offline Classroom Training for all courses. We provide Advance Full Stack Courses, SAP Courses, Short Courses, Internship training for Engineering and Diploma students, and foundational courses for kids such as Data Science, Data Analytics, Full Stack Web Development, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Python, C Programming, Digital Marketing, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Java, QA Testing, Robotics Training Courses, SAP Training Course, Internships for Engineering & Diploma Students.

As we have a strong built-up community network of coders with over 1,000 success stories of students who have learned to write their first line of code and over 4000+ members who are connected with us over the years. The strong community network of coders helps students secure jobs, switch roles, assist with projects, job interviews, and more.

One great aspect of our Partner is that we handle all the major departments, such as advertising, marketing, lead generation, student engagement, student placements, notes, and curriculum structuring, so Partners can focus solely on managing day-to-day operations. With estimated returns on investment within 8-12 months and a dashboard that monitors student performance, attendance, progress, and growth, As we provide excellent support to Partners.

Our success has earned us numerous accolades, including Best IT Educational Institution of the Year, Best IT Training Service Provider in India, Best Innovation in IT Training Course in India, and Best IT Certification Program of the Year.

In conclusion, our success story is a testament to the fact that innovation and adaptability are the keys to success in any business. As we have demonstrated our ability to provide high-quality education online and offline, support Partners, and build a strong community network of coders. With their commitment to practical training, job guarantee, and excellent community support, we have become a leading tech training platform in India.